14.07.2016 12:57 #1
Joost Mulder


How do I add the simple_product element to a page? Which Element_type do I have to choose?

17.07.2016 20:57 #2

The content element type is module. product_list for an overview, product_reader for product details or product_categories for a categoriesnavigation or filter.

26.01.2019 17:02 #3
Christian Schmidt
Fast & Media Team
Aus Blankenburg (Harz)
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Hello Mr. Mulder,

we apologize for our late reply. We are currently modernizing our Support Ticket System and have unanswered questions that got lost in the admin panel.

Thanks to Ernest for answering the question. It seems that the modules were not translated at this point.

You have to create modules first as Ernest described.

Please have a look in our manual, especially in the short instruction - "Kurzanleitung". However it is only available in german language currently. In the future we will also have an english manual.

With kind regards


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