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Aus Beaurepaire
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Event Manager

I use event manager for 1 year and it works very well. Thank you ;-)
I am trying to add the location of an event directly on the order (see attachment : http://www.igweb.fr/event-manager.jpg)
How should I do it ?
Here is the link to the site in operation: http://www.atelier-malice.com/
thank you in advance for your help
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Christian Schmidt
Fast & Media Team
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Hi Samuel

thank you for your ticket. That is great!

You need to change your Template eventcart_item.html5 or you need to create this Template in your general Templates. You need to change it in the same way like e.g. the Template event_full.html5

$this->location->title etc.

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Aus Beaurepaire
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thank you !! :-))


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