contao 3.2 support

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contao 3.2 support

please add contao 3.2 support for news_related
25.05.2018 16:02 #2
Felix Ullmann
Fast & Media Team
Aus Blankenburg (Harz)
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Thanks for contacting us,

We apologize for our late reply. We are currently trying to answer all tickets. Since we could not reply to any tickets via the website till 2016, we are not sure whether your request has been answered by email already. Thus we gladly want to answer it with the newest version of our support ticket system.


Support for Contao 3.2 for our extension news_related has been added in with Version 3.2.0 beta1 on April 14th 2014.

Kind regards,

Felix Ullmann


Was ist die Summe aus 3 und 1?